Real People Influence

Connect Your Brands with The Native Influencers.

Real People Influence

Connect Your Brands with The Native Influencers.

Since 2018

India’s Native Influencer Marketing Specialist

Native Influence is India’s most impactful influencer marketing agency that is powered with authentic influencers who are pre vetted by a team of experts, and influencer selection based on technology and insight led approach. And our focus on creating engaging content ensures an ROI driven campaign.


Here’s what
we do

Native Influence leverages the power of influencers to deliver brand objectives. Based on your brand’s needs we tailor custom influencer marketing strategies. Your brand can now engage with its audience with the help of our recognized ‘Band of Native Influencers’.

Our approach is ROI driven therefore we monitor our campaign at regular intervals to ensure that it meets the KPIs. We provide a 360-degree methodology – from creating strategy, KPI setup, influencer identification, authentic native storytelling to hands on implementation, tracking and campaign analysis.

How we differ

With The Native Edge

Native Edge is the unique proposition that Native Influence has created for its clients – it is based on innovation, technology, creativity and strategy to drive exponential results

Discover authentic content creators that fit your Brand

We identify content creators based on benchmark metrics and follow an extensive validation process, that extends far beyond the parameters of popular lists and databases.

Innovate Influencer Marketing Strategy that meets Brand objective

We design trend-worthy concepts that help audiences discover your brand organically, while building emotional connections that drive consumer behaviour.

Create original & impactful content for the Brand campaign

We are fully engaged and committed from Day 1 to deliver a seamless experience between influencers and brands throughout the duration of each campaign.

Hands-on campaign execution with a focus on ROI

We provide customized analytics, and a team of Data Scientists that provide insight for maximizing ROI along the way. Agency white-labeling is available.

"The art of influencing rests on a powerful personal story based on authenticity, insight and human connect"

Our Founder

Namita Sharma

Namita Sharma is the Founder of Native Influencer and M.D & Co-founder of Teacup Influence (, India’s premium data and insight led Influencer platform. Namita brings over 20 years of experience within marketing, brand marketing and advertising. 

Equipped with an MBA program degree specialising in marketing from Leeds Business School, University of Leeds, U.K., she had obtained leadership roles within Citibank and later American Express where she was responsible for marketing, data platform, digital acquisition and new innovations. Namita is passionate about leveraging digital in propelling entrepreneurship.

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